The Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

The dreaded “BLUE SCREEN” of death! It always seems to get me when I desperately need my computer to send an urgent email to my boss or attend a video conference. Regardless of when the blue screen of death descends on your computer, panic tends to follow.

So when this does happen to you, be sure to do some simple troubleshooting before jumping the gun (as I have) and assuming that your computer is a lost cause. 

  1. Check the connections – a computer that doesn’t detect a monitor isn’t going to display anything on the screen. So if you have a desktop computer, make sure that the cord that connects your monitor to your PC hasn’t come loose.
  2. If you have a laptop, is your battery charged? I have been guilty in the past of putting my laptop on sleep mode and just forgetting about it until the battery is depleted and the computer shuts down. So if you have a laptop, make sure it’s plugged in and make sure it’s powered on.
  3. If your system is on, plugged in and the cables are hooked up, try restarting your system. A lot of times, if you have a system that you leave on all the time, it just needs to be refreshed.

If after all of this, you still have the blue screen of death, it’s time to consider that the issue might be a bit more serious. In this case, it may be a good idea to consult a professional. If you are a business and have a managed service contract with CTI, then give us a call. We will solve the problem.

What exactly is a managed service contract you may ask, well that is a good question! A managed service contract is a contract that allows you and your staff unlimited IT support on all of your existing devices for a fixed monthly rate. With a managed service contract CTI can be your onsite IT provider or support your IT staff.

The other option is break/fix. This is where you don’t have a contract with CTI, but are in need of our services and would pay per the hour to resolve your issue. Depending on the severity of your issue this might be a cost effective way to go.

Either way, our IT staff takes a proactive approach to all your IT needs such as hardware infrastructure management, continuous network monitoring, firewall upgrades and more for a fixed monthly cost. Our support services are designed to meet your specific business needs. Call CTI today at 315-733-0854 to learn more and avoid the blue screen of death.